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Want to understand open source licencing? Confused about your options? Worried about getting it right? I am here to help.

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Ready to publish open data? Getting started with an open API? Let me help you craft a brilliant developer experience.

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How do you audit your open source supply chain? What are the limits of coding in the open? I can advise you on how to solve these problems.

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Writing tech policy or guidance? Need a subject matter expert? I will give you a helping hand to craft effective policy papers.

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Nervous about a big presentation? Can't work out how to explain complex topics to senior leaders? I know how to coach you into giving fantastic and effective talks.


Photo of Laura Gilbert. A white woman smiling at the camera.

Laura Gilbert - 10 Downing St

Terence's expert knowledge of how to quickly implement technology change in a complex environment helped kickstart some of our activities in I.AI (within the PM's Delivery Group), and he was instrumental in setting up some of our new programmes to have lasting impact. Terence is friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to pitch in when needed.

Photo of Andy Beale. A white guy with glasses.

Andy Beale - Stance Global

Terence is a wonderful technologist in all the best senses of the word - he's focused on how tech can benefit users and society. He also has a terrific blend of the practical and aspirational which he uses to great effect when it comes to the power of open standards. And on top of all that is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Photo of Léonie Watson. She has purple hair.

Léonie Watson - W3C

I've had the good fortune to work with a lot of quite extraordinary people, and Terence is one of them. I would not hesitate if the opportunity arose to work along-side him again. He is smart, inquisitive, good-humoured, and not in the slightest bit afraid of hard work. If you have the opportunity to work with him before I do, you should take it. Every time.

Photo of Sam Bryant. A young Black woman.

Samantha Bryant - GDS

I had the pleasure of having a few mentorship sessions with Terence and they were super useful and helped me to really figure out what my next career step was going to be. Terence has a lot of knowledge in the technology and is a definitely a leader in his field. What's great is that he has a nice balance of being approachable and pleasant but also straight to the point and honest.

Photo of Ollie Lewis. He sits in front of a NATA flag.

Ollie Lewis - GALLOS

One of the few technical superstars in government who speaks about complex topics with eloquence, clarity, and humour. Terence was part of a flagship programme to make some of the early promises of emerging technology a reality for government: in that programme he was the most effective tech communicator (to senior leaders) I've encountered - making 'innovation theatre' real - and courageous in getting stuck in to apply those technologies.

Photo of Marc Rogers. A man with an extensive beard.

Marc Rogers - DEF CON

I enjoyed my time working with Terence. In our time together we were challenged to deliver a number of major technological advances of several critical service platforms often against unrealistic timescales and with unrealistic performance requirements attached to the deliverables. With Terence on our side we not only met these challenges but overcame them frequently exceeding what was expected by a long margin.

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